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Finances - This is the first video concerning the finances of a divorce. What's it going to cost and what do you need to think about as you go through the divorce process.

Form E - Capital - In a divorce, you will almost always need to fill out a Form E. It's the means by which the court determines the financial settlement. It's a daunting document but here Family Lawyer, Neil Russell takes you through it line by line. In this first part we deal with the capital and assets that you have going into the divorce.

Form E - Income - This is the second part of the Form E process. It deals with your income and your income requirements after divorce. Neil Russell takes you through it line by line.

Legal - This can be the most complicated area of the divorce process. Mediation, collaborative resolution, litigation, what's it all about? This is just the first video addressing this area.

Telling The Children - This can be one of the most emotional and difficult moments in the process. How to talk to your child about divorce.

Taking Sides - How are your friends and family going to react to your new situation? People do take sides and unexpectedly it may not be your side. How do you deal with this?

Your well-being - You're awake at 4am worrying about the kids and wondering what to do but what about you? This is such a stressful situation and the last person you're thinking about is YOU!

Ages & Stages - How will the kids react to you getting divorced? It will probably depend on how old they are. 

Avoiding Conflict - It's not easy but here's some tips on how to avoid conflict both during and after the divorce process.

Kids & Discipline - It's very important to stayed disciplined during the divorce process, nit just you but the children as well.

What the Children Think - What the children are thinking as you go through a divorce may surprise you. It may not be what you expect.

What to tell the people around you - It can often be awkward telling friends and family that you are going through a divorce. Here's some good advice in addressing that situation.


Is Your Job leading to Divorce?

The Daily Mail have a great 10 step quiz which will tell you if your job is potenially leading to a divorce.

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