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Lloyd Platt & Co

Headed by Vanessa Lloyd Platt, award winning Lloyd Platt & Co are based in London and cover every aspect of Family Law. Call 0208 943 2998or email

Or visit the web site

BD Laddie Solicitors

BD Laddie's Family Law Partner is Neil Russell. Neil was one of the pioneers of divorce funding. He is able to advise you through the cost aspects of the process.  Based in London, you can contact Neil on 020 7869 8296 or email

Or visit the web site

Sue Atkins - Parenting Expert

Sue is the "go to person" for all matters concerned with Parenting. You've seen Sue on TV, heard her on Radio and read her articles in the Press. Sue is the main presenter on our Divorce Step By Step Videos and you can find out much more on her web site 



Is Your Job leading to Divorce?

The Daily Mail have a great 10 step quiz which will tell you if your job is potenially leading to a divorce.

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